January 30, 2007

For time to time users of lighttpd want to show the appreciation to the developers of lighttpd and want to give something back.

In the case you feel the same we give you the chance to say Thank you to the developers directly. Any donations will motivate the developers of lighttpd even more.

Thank the developers

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lighttpd 1.4.13

January 30, 2007

Only 2 weeks after .12 hit the servers we have a new release cleaning up the issues that were introduced by it.

Download: - lighttpd-1.4.13.tar.gz

On the fix side we have: - fixed a seg-fault in the HTTP-Request splitting - fixed long-standing bug with Content-Length and HEAD requests - fixed a possible abort of a upload if xattr is enabled

New are - mod-magnet finally handles ‘require “lfs”’ without complaining - mod-magnet got light.stat() which uses the stat-cache - mod-webdav supports LOCK if compiled with –with-webdav-locks