November 28, 2018

Important changes

performance enhancements, bug fixes

Future scheduled behavior change (Q1 2019)

Beginning in Q1 2019, lighttpd defaults are scheduled to change to perform limited URL normalization on HTTP requests.

Since lighttpd 1.4.50, this URL normalization is available with server.http-parseopts <https://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd/wiki/Server_http-parseoptsDetails>. The lighttpd default will become server.http-parseopts = (“url-normalize-unreserved” => “enable”, “url-path-2f-decode” => “enable”) unless server.http-parseopts is explicitly set in the lighttpd config. Enabling URL normalization by default will provide more consistent behavior for mod_redirect and mod_rewrite, which match against the (url-encoded) URL request. However, decoding %2F by default, while generally desirable for consistency, is potentially a breaking change for those encoding URLs in the url-path and relying on the literal ‘/’ as a delimiter. For those uses, “url-path-2f-decode” => “disable” will need to be explicitly set in the lighttpd config.


The recommended settings for server.http-parseopts are the following, unless specific use requires looser settings:

      server.http-parseopts = (
        "header-strict"            => "enable",
        "host-strict"              => "enable",
        "host-normalize"           => "enable",
        "url-normalize"            => "enable",
        "url-normalize-unreserved" => "enable",
        "url-normalize-required"   => "enable",
        "url-ctrls-reject"         => "enable",
        "url-path-2f-decode"       => "enable",
        "url-path-dotseg-remove"   => "enable",
        "url-query-20-plus"        => "enable"



October 14, 2018

Important changes

  • security fixes
  • bug fixes
  • new module: mod_authn_pam
  • support for wolfSSL



August 13, 2018

Important changes

  • security fixes
  • bug fixes