Giving Solaris some love

October 28, 2007

Weekend time is hacking time. This weekend it is about getting 1.5.0 running nicely on Solaris and making sure lighttpd is a first class citizen there.

All tests successful (1 subtest UNEXPECTEDLY SUCCEEDED), 88 subtests skipped.
Files=22, Tests=324, 60 wallclock secs ( 1.98 cusr +  1.03 csys =  3.01 CPU)

The over all situation hasn’t changed: I still don’t have a solaris box here for development here and I think that’s a good thing. Instead I run Nexenta (aka gnu/solaris) in a VMware on WinXP/x64. And use ssh to log into it :)

I would like to do the same with my MacOSX too. Up to now I use the MacMini (the old, PPC one) and only log in via ssh for compiling too. Turning it into a vmware image I can start up when needed would be a lot better as it doesn’t require me to start another load, power-consuming box.

But back solaris:

  • compiles cleanly on solaris 11 with GCC
  • runs test-suite cleanly
  • detects special features and uses them (sendfilev, /dev/poll)

This should make the current trunk/ running nicely on Solaris. So, give it a try please so we can push out 1.5.0 soon.