December 17, 2020

Important changes



Future Scheduled Behavior Changes

  • HTTP/2 support will be enabled by default in a future release
  • graceful restart/shutdown default timeout will change from
    0 (infinite/no timeout) to 5 seconds (or some similar non-zero period)
    configure an alternative with:
    server.feature-flags += ("server.graceful-shutdown-timeout" => 5)
  • mod_compress is DEPRECATED; use mod_deflate
    mod_compress has been subsumed by mod_deflate
    Note: mod_compress config options may be removed in a future release
  • mod_geoip is DEPRECATED; use mod_maxminddb
    Note: mod_geoip will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_authn_mysql is DEPRECATED; use mod_authn_dbi
    Note: mod_authn_mysql will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_mysql_vhost is DEPRECATED; use mod_vhostdb_dbi or mod_vhostdb_mysql
    Note: mod_mysql_vhost will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_cml is DEPRECATED; use mod_magnet
    Note: mod_cml will be removed from a future lighttpd release

Changes from 1.4.56

  • [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings
  • [mod_webdav] compile fix for Mac OSX/11
  • [core] handle U+00A0 in config parser
  • [core] fix lighttpd –1 one-shot with pipes
  • [core] quiet start/shutdown trace in one-shot mode
  • [core] allow keep-alives in one-shot mode (#3042)
  • [mod_webdav] define _ATFILE_SOURCE if AT_FDCWD
  • [core] setsockopt IPV6_V6ONLY if server.v4mapped
  • [build] fix meson.build when building all TLS mods
  • [core] prefer inet_aton() over inet_addr()
  • [build] fix SCons build when building all TLS mods
  • [core] add missing mod_wolfssl to ssl compat list
  • [mod_openssl] remove ancient preprocessor logic
  • [core] SHA512_Init, SHA512_Update, SHA512_Final
  • [mod_wolfssl] add complex preproc logic for SNI
  • [core] wrap a macro value with parens
  • [core] fix handling chunked response from backend (fixes #3044)
  • [core] always set file.fd = –1 on FILE_CHUNK reset (fixes #3044)
  • [core] skip some trace if backend Upgrade (#3044)
  • [TLS] cert-staple.sh POSIX sh compat (fixes #3043)
  • [core] portability fix if st_mtime not defined
  • [mod_nss] portability fix
  • [core] warn if mod_authn_file needed in conf
  • [core] fix chunked decoding from backend (fixes #3044)
  • [core] reject excess data after chunked encoding (#3046)
  • [core] track chunked encoding state from backend (fixes #3046)
  • [core] li_restricted_strtoint64()
  • [core] track Content-Length from backend (fixes #3046)
  • [core] enhance config parsing debugging (#3047)
  • [core] reorder srv->config_context to match ndx (fixes #3047)
  • [mod_proxy] proxy.header = (“force-http10” => …)
  • [mod_authn_ldap] fix crash (fixes #3048)
  • [mod_authn_ldap, mod_vhostdb_ldap] default cafile
  • [core] fix array_copy_array() sorted[]
  • [multiple] replace fall through comment with attr
  • [core] fix crash printing trace if backend is down
  • [core] fix decoding chunked from backend (fixes #3049)
  • [core] attempt to quiet some coverity warnings