The Logo

January 30, 2007

The logo of lighttpd was choosen after a logo contest in April and May 2005). Several submissions have been reviewed and the users of lighttpd selected three logos for the final decision.

the big logo for lighttpd

the small 80x27 banner

the favicon.ico

The logo is based on the design from and was modified later by to simply Phu nice ideas to a logo-types.

Paul wrote about his submissions:


So this is a very late entry, I thought I’d send it anyway.

Basically I was inspired by the work of Endturn and spoke to them about “remixing” their design. I thought this was an intersting concept considering everything is released under the CC 2.0 license. And in a way I think it just opens up these kinds of contests in ways that have yet to be explored.

To explain my design a bit…

I really like the idea of a paper airplane as it very directly relates 3 main ideas:

lightweight, vertical movement, and freedom. You could also argue that from the position of the paper airplane one has more perspective and objectivity, and so on. However when I saw the design I felt that it could be treated so that it would have more visual weight that would ground it (no pun intended).

I also had trouble with the name Lighttpd and decided to make it easier for others I would translate it through the type solution so what you have is Light-TPD, not Lighttpd which is impossible to pronounce as a single word.

Anyway that helps all those people walking around asking, “Have you heard of Ligh….something?” And I took the liberty of creating a new tagline and catch-phrase that plays off the idea of flight (the domestic kind) and instills that feeling of freedom, that you don’t have a lot of baggage…“Fly light.”

Hope you enjoy the designs, goodluck with your project in the future.

Lastly, remember kids, people judge books by their cover.

Paul @