February 03, 2007

Latest Pre-Release


On the way from 1.4.x to 1.5.0 many things have been improved, changed and added and we try to keep track of them to make it easier for user to migrate their configuration.

  • IMPORTANT requires glib2-2.4.0 or higher
  • mod-fastcgi, mod-proxy and mod-scgi are replaced by mod-proxy-core

Must Read


older pre-releases


-r1605 to -r1691

  • added mod_cgi again
  • added cmake on win32 (static and dynamic)
  • fixed http-chunk decoding
  • fixed several hangs when compression is used
  • fixed invalid Content-Length headers in Range-responses
  • fixed handling of out-of-fds
  • fixed support for Solaris and compilation on IRIX
  • fixed the kqueue event-handler
  • fixed mem-leak in Range requests
  • fixed EFAULT in gthread-aio

-r1593 to -r1605

  • added check for leading slashes in mod_rewrite
  • improved async-io performance for files between 4k and 16k
  • fixed compression of static files in mod_deflate
  • fixed configure check for the library providing aio_read()
  • fixed mod_dirlisting, mod_staticfile and the internal error-pages for mod_deflate
  • fixed compilation on FreeBSD and MacOS X

-r1477 to -r1593

  • added O_NOATIME support to the network-backends linux-sendfile and writev
  • added a portable, threaded network-backend based on glib’s gthread
  • added threaded stat()
  • added url.redirect-code to mod_redirect to set other HTTP status-codes than 302
  • added filter-API and mod_chunked and mod_deflate for dynamic compression
  • added a static balancer for mod-proxy-core
  • added $HTTP[“request-method”] and $PHYSICAL[“path”] conditionals
  • fixed X-Sendfile support in mod-proxy-core
  • fixed crash if mtime is 0
  • added cmake as experimental build-system
  • fixed urls in AJP13-protocol of mod-proxy-core
  • added support for “now” and “weeks” to mod-expire
  • added mod-magnet