1.4.25 - the slogan is a lie

November 21, 2009

We did some important bug fixes (some of them new since 1.4.24, and some older bugs). Only 2 small new features: traceback for lua errors and the SSL_CLIENT_* vars export for ssl client cert validation.


Changes from 1.4.24

  • mod_magnet: fix pairs() for normal tables and strings (fixes #1307)
  • mod_magnet: add traceback for printing lua errors
  • mod_rewrite: fix compile error if compiled without pcre
  • disable warning “CLOSE-read” (fixes #2091)
  • mod_rrdtool: fix creating file if it doesn’t exist (#1788)
  • reset tlsext_server_name in connection_reset - fixes random hostnames in the $HTTP[“host”] conditional
  • export some SSL_CLIENT_* vars for client cert validation (fixes #1288, thx presbrey)
  • mod_fastcgi: fix mod_fastcgi packet parsing
  • mod_fastcgi: Don’t reconnect after connect() succeeded (fixes #2096)
  • Fix configure.ac to allow autoreconf, also enables make V=0