December 27, 2020

Important changes

bugfixes, portability


Future Scheduled Behavior Changes

  • HTTP/2 support will be enabled by default in a future release
  • graceful restart/shutdown default timeout will change from
    0 (infinite/no timeout) to 5 seconds (or some similar non-zero period)
    configure an alternative with:
    server.feature-flags += ("server.graceful-shutdown-timeout" => 5)
  • mod_compress is DEPRECATED; use mod_deflate
    mod_compress has been subsumed by mod_deflate
    Note: mod_compress config options may be removed in a future release
  • mod_geoip is DEPRECATED; use mod_maxminddb
    Note: mod_geoip will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_authn_mysql is DEPRECATED; use mod_authn_dbi
    Note: mod_authn_mysql will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_mysql_vhost is DEPRECATED; use mod_vhostdb_dbi or mod_vhostdb_mysql
    Note: mod_mysql_vhost will be removed from a future lighttpd release
  • mod_cml is DEPRECATED; use mod_magnet
    Note: mod_cml will be removed from a future lighttpd release

Changes from 1.4.57

  • [mod_wolfssl] use wolfSSL TLS version defines
  • [mod_wolfssl] compile with earlier wolfSSL vers
  • [tests] collect code for “die-at-end” tests
  • [tests] remove FastCGI test dependency on libfcgi
  • [core] prefer IPv6+IPv4 func vs IPv4-specific func
  • [tests] remove FastCGI test dependency on PHP
  • [core] reuse large mem chunks (fix mem usage) (fixes #3033)
  • [core] add comment for FastCGI mem use in hctx->rb (#3033)
  • [mod_proxy] fix sending of initial reqbody chunked
  • [multiple] fdevent_waitpid() wrapper
  • [core] sys-time.h - localtime_r,gmtime_r macros
  • [core] http_date.[ch] encapsulate HTTP-date parse
  • [core] specialized strptime() for HTTP date fmts
  • [multiple] employ http_date.h, sys-time.h
  • [core] http_date_timegm() (portable timegm())
  • buffer_append_path_len() to join paths
  • [core] inet_ntop_cache -> sock_addr_cache
  • [tests] slight speed up checking for server ready
  • [tests] load required modules in alt .conf tests
  • [multiple] etag.[ch] -> http_etag.[ch]; better imp
  • [core] fix crash after specific err in config file
  • [core] fix bug in FastCGI uploads (#3033)
  • [tests] OpenBSD crypt() support limited to bcrypt
  • [core] http_response_match_if_range()
  • [mod_webdav] typedef off_t loff_t for FreeBSD
  • [multiple] chunkqueue_write_chunk()
  • [build] add GNUMAKEFLAGS=—no-print-directory
  • [tests] consolidate some tests/ content
  • [core] fix bug in read retry found by coverity