May 27, 2023

Important changes

  • bugfixes and portability; HTTP/2 support separated to mod_h2 module


Behavior Changes (previously announced):

  • http/2 support will be split out into optional separate module (mod_h2)
    (static builds will need to list mod_h2 in plugin-static.h to include mod_h2)

Changes from 1.4.70

  • [mod_h2] HTTP/2 separate module; no longer builtin
  • [mod_magnet] fix static build using autoconf (fixes #3203)
  • [core] fix new use of posix_spawn with some glibc (fixes #3201)
  • [core] _WIN32 quiet compiler warnings 32-bit build
  • [core] check getaddrinfo EAI_ADDRFAMILY w/ glibc
  • [core] quiet lemon.c clang C2x warnings
  • [core] compile w/o posix_spawn() on iOS
  • [core] fix crash due to missing initialization (fixes #3207)
  • [core] request_init() separate static func
  • [multiple] remove some unused/redundant includes
  • [core] server.modules s/mod_compress/mod_deflate/
  • [core] preproc consistency #pragma GCC diagnostic
  • [core] update ls-hpack
  • [core] use empty value in srvconf.config_touched
  • [core] provide mimetype.assign default if unset
  • [mod_vhostdb_mysql] MySQL missing mysql_get_socket (fixes #3208)
  • [core] clarify comment